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Unlike traditional consulting, we leverage the vast array of proprietary business intelligence at our disposal to deliver powerful insights that support strategic decisions efficiently and effectively.

Leverage for important decision making

Strategy Consulting

Fisher-STE Forecasts


Strategy Consulting

Fisher Consulting supports paper industry strategy development and implementation. We work with producers, suppliers, investors, and end-users, focusing on M&A, capital investment, product development and asset repurposing, market entry, sales and marketing strategy, and other important decision making.

Our Investment in Expertise, Data, and Technology
Fisher clients benefit from the considerable industry experience of our consulting team combined with the leverage they get from the world’s most powerful proprietary database and analytics – FisherSolveTM, and backed by Fisher’s global team of researchers, modelers, database designers, papermaking experts, and business analysts. Our investment in these resources allows us to deliver deeper insight and do so cost effectively.

The Leveraged Approach
This “Leveraged Consulting” approach serves clients who must quickly understand their competitive positions and develop asset optimization strategies in advance of major investments decisions. As one of our consultants puts it, “The lion’s share of a traditional consulting project is consumed by research and assembling data before the analytical work and insight can begin. By contrast, Fisher’s Leveraged Consulting means we can begin the substantive work on day one of the project because most the necessary asset, production, cost and industry data needed is already available in abundant detail for every paper mill and machine in the world. In addition, the analytic models have already been built specifically for the paper industry in the FisherSolve platform. Consequently, we can provide insights and answers to the client’s challenges, delivering on our commitment to them more quickly, effectively, and at low cost.”

Nimble and Responsive
Clients who use Fisher’s Leveraged Consulting services point to another distinct advantage: they can easily pivot their focus, ask more questions, and explore more scenarios letting real-time discoveries guide the direction of a consulting project to its optimum conclusion. Traditional consulting does not permit this kind of agility. Too often, the time and costs consumed at the front end of a project pre-determine the direction of a project and limit the insights analysts can develop as the project progresses. Fisher’s Leveraged Consulting approach is unique in the industry because we are the only ones who have the combination of data, analytics, and expertise that lets our clients fast-forward to the solutions they seek.

Recent projects have included:

  • Due diligence for a private equity firm’s acquisition of a large packaging company and subsequent bolt-on acquisition.
  • Expert witness for creditors in successful bankruptcy court suit.
  • Successful support of acquirer in overcoming Department of Justice objections to an acquisition.
  • Unique tissue investment strategy to achieve low cost in premium segment.
  • Optimization of a major corrugated box buyer’s supply chain.
  • Market entry support for new technologies, e.g. a new metallurgy in chemical recovery islands; a new chemical recovery enhancement process; new surface coatings used in spare and wear parts; a next generation of water removal technology.
  • Ongoing “Red Team” role in strategic planning process of major paper companies.

Fisher-STE Forecasts

Part of Fisher’s collection of tools and skills used for data-driven decision making, Fisher-STE Forecasts offer exceptional capabilities for predicting market behavior, impact of companies’ actions on their markets, and consequently, the ability to optimize strategy for income.

Fisher-STE Forecasts deliver three unique and proprietary benefits:

  • We predict price turning points, not just price levels, for pulp, paper, and energy markets
  • We perform sensitivity analysis, testing proposed strategic plans against real market dynamics
  • We explains market movements in verifiable, fact-based, common-sense terms that industry professionals find useful

Built in cooperation with a highly-professional modeling firm called STE Analytics, Fisher-STE Forecasts are made possible by good data, industry understanding, and System Dynamics mathematical models. Unlike traditional forecasting, our models work because they simulate the markets’ key drivers and how they interact: supply, demand, price, inventories, order rates, shipments, imports, exports, market leadership, etc.

Markets covered include hardwood and softwood pulp, container-board, OCC, uncoated papers, coated papers, crude oil, and others.


Fisher’s singular modeling capabilities are used by clients to develop and test understanding of complex subjects like the future of OCC global supply; the financial impact of asset repurposing that simultaneously involves capital, new products, new raw materials and new competitors; optimization of a large and complex box supply chain; and how asset market drivers like capacity closures, new entrants, market demand, and market pricing influence each other.

Made possible by a team of consultants with paper business experience, modeling expertise, and the vast, detailed and high-quality Fisher databases to draw from. Our models are reliable in representing real-world situations and producing practical recommendations.