FisherSolve Platform

Delivering detailed information on every mill in the world

FisherSolve is a business intelligence system containing highly detailed and complete information on every pulp and paper mill in the world. It describes the assets, production, operations, environmental flows, costs-of-production, long-term viability, carbon footprint and more for all pulp and paper mills producing 50+ TPD.

Because this is the only database with integration and true data transparency for every mill, line and machine, you can drill down to the details that differentiate each mill and roll the details up for strategic analysis.

Need to quickly understand the unique level of quality, depth and breadth of the FisherSolve database?

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Accurate, complete and detailed data

Ownership and Contacts (with Built-in CRM)

Corporate and mill level information about ownership, locations and personnel

Paper, Pulp, Furnish and Fiber Production Data

Machine, line, mill and company production data for all grades and finished products

Process Equipment and Control Systems

Every major piece of operating equipment and the overall asset quality of each respective mill

Manufacturing Costs and Mass-Balance

Modeled cost-of-production for every mill, pulp line and machine

Operations and Mill Configuration

Your guide to how every mill’s production, fiber line, paper machine and pulp dryer is configured

Environmental Flows

Water, wastewater and carbon flows for each and every mill

Asset Quality and Viability Index

A predictive model ranking every machine, mill and company’s risks and competitiveness

Capacity Trends

All historic and announced startups, closures, restarts, grade changes and repurposing projects tracked for every machine

Installed Costs

Models of the installed costs of every mill in the world

Company Financials

Financial statements from all publicly traded paper companies in a single consistent format

News and Projects

An extensive paper industry news service with advantages for actionable intelligence

Scope Choices (Geographic, Grade and More)

Customize your subscription with the data modules that meet your business needs

Powerful and flexible tools answer your unique questions

Smart industry-specific analytics and reporting tools nobody’s ever built before. So you can analyze the issues that make your business unique and extract the information and insight you need to make decisions with confidence.

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Special Features

Benchmark CO2 Emissions

The peerless analytics in FisherSolve are possible because only FisherSolve has a truly integrated database

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You can minimize risk when you replace current assumptions (about competitors, market conditions, and costs) with decisions based on complete facts. Using FisherSolve makes insightful analysis easy and accessible.